My 5 Step Plan To Happiness

Life is a difficult journey for a writer. Yesterday I sat with a cool mind amongst the mess of my life. I concluded that it was a high time to act. The next step was to make a list of simple and effective to dos. I call it- my 5 step plan to happiness.

Here’s my list of the 5 things the world can do for me to make my life easier:

1. Cartridge Kitchen
2. Homemade Books
3. Ink-less Printers
4. Eye TV
5. United World of WiFi

Here’s how it should work:

1. Cartridge Kitchen:

No human need to bother about making  food.

We would place an internet order to the local factory-like food manufacturing kitchens. The factory would be fully automatic.A few  people will require to  supervise the automation. A large number of cartridges containing various food ingredients like rice, pulses, various masalas etc. in pureed, chopped, sliced, mashed, roasted, grated forms will deliver these ingredients to cooking units. . A bar code containing the ingredients for your dish will give identity to the ingredients. That will help to execute the process for your dish among a thousand such processes happening around in this kitchens.  When one particular cooking process will be over these ingredients will be taken over to the next cooking unit if needed or specified in the recipe (e. g. after boiling the rice in one unit they will be taken to another for making fried rice). You will have a choice of either default or custom-made recipes. Customization of not only the  ingredients but even the cooking processes and cooking time will be possible. The customized recipes will be stored on your profile  to make the future ordering easier. It will be possible to pre-set weekly or monthly food orders and get fresh hot meals delivered by an automated transport channels at your doorstep! Food recipe profiles will be passed on in family heritage.

2.Homemade books:

New kind of personal home printers will act as the publisher and book seller!. When you order a book on the net your printer will make your book. The printer will store plain paper cartridges of two or more gramages and sizes of paper. The paper will be cut and sorted in a pile to form the book after printing, inside the compact printer itself. Laser beam will be used to insert the thread in the pile for making the binding strong. And glue cartridge will be used for perfect(i.e. thread-less) binding and pasting the cover. That will give the book a neat and strong spine just like normal books.  Big publishing houses like Penguin or book sellers like will sell these printers. Book selling will no longer have the huge transporting cost and distributor’s commission. The cover price of the English language books published in UK or USA is 10 to 20 times more then the manufacturing cost to take care of various discounts and wastage copies.  With this printer it will be possible to sell books at less than half the price. In a matter of a few minutes person sitting in Argentina will buy a book written in Gujarati  and  a Mumbaikar will get a German book.

3.Ink-less printer:

This will hurt HP!  I dream of a printer without an ink cartridge. It  actually works on the modified Laser beams and uses normal (not thermal) paper. We see colourful objects around us because when ordinary light falls on the surface of any object, the surface absorbs some frequencies of that light and reflects out only a few frequencies. Ye to Std. 6th ke student ko bhi pata hai. The colours of the object that we see depend on which frequencies are reflected. When we print anything we are coating the paper surface with a substance (i.e. ink) so that the frequency of light reflected by that area on the paper will be of the colour of the ink. In fact, the paper is not reflecting the light, it’s the surface of the ink that is reflecting the light and giving it a colour. This gives the illusion that the surface of the paper has  specific colours. Inkless printer  will work on modifying a thin layer of the paper itself  so that when modified light will fall on the paper it will get reflected only in the colours we require. This printing will be more clear, more bright and more permanent than the ink printing and it will not have the recurring cost of the cartridges.

4.Eye TV:

The name says it all. Eye TV means you watch TV through your eyes, to be more specific, you wear a lens in your eyes and earphones in the ears. There are no cords, of course. The image resolution depends on the quality and type of the lens you choose to buy.  The circuity needed to form the images is in the lens. The minuscule reciever receives the signals from the base unit which is integrated with the earphones. The base unit can receive signals from the local network router or the dvd player. You wear your lens and the earphones, and watch the CNN live on it. And if you have a plan to watch a movie, don’t forget to schedule an order for the caramel popcorn from the Cartridge Kitchen.

5.United World of WiFi:

Every spot on the Earth will be a Hot Spot. Not just your home or an airport lounge but  the whole world will be WiFi. Just like the Cellular phone revolution, the world will go through a laptop revolution. The basic internet accessing laptops will be sold  cheap, at Rs. 1500/- as Mr. Kapil Sibbal has promised. The peons and the rickshawalas will afford them. There will be no surfing charges as the WiFi  will be absolutely free. Google, Airtel, Lenovo and hundreds of other  service providers, equipment makers etc. will welcome the revolution and happily share the cost with the host country’s government as it will  increase their revenues through premium advertising. Citizens of any strata of any country will be able to interact with anybody for free!

Ultimately it will benefit all the bloggers like me who dream of thousands of hits per day and an Indirank above  80!

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  1. shishir
    August 28, 2010 at 10:42 PM

    Whoa! Good Fun!

  2. September 4, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    like it

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